Motioninvest reviews..?

Anyone before sold sites on motioninvest…? reviews needed

I just sold mine last week!
Expect slow process in payment everything else is good!

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paypal or wire transfer to bank…?
Also, May I know how much traffic ur site is getting and for how much u sold…?

I got it through veem app.
They use that it’s like Payoneer.

My site was an old one with 40k traffic earning about 750$ i sold it for 25800$ and they took 15% comission on that

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Super bro… Is this the same niche of ur current blog

No, i made this is 2018 and haven’t touched it for 2 years. It was kinda declining slowly so i decided to take the money and invest in new sites.

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bro can you tell some niches that can be easily learn by reading books or watching videos… I am very much frustrated with regular niches…
Recently I started a site on Chinchillas but there is no proper information on this rodent pet… So I dropped… Again searching for some good niches.
If you don’t mine please suggest me some niches… that can do well while flipping also…

What’s the problem with chinchilla.
It’s a good niche

If you think you can make money by writing something that others have already written then it’s difficult.

You have to get good with writing skills and pick topic that has 0 information available. That’s the recipe for success.

chinchilla information is wrong on many sites… there is no proper info about that pets… I relied on Facebook groups for gathering legit info…

0 information on internet… ! bro how to find them when targeting tier countries niches… I dont have any tools like Ahrefs… Any other way to find them…?

You don’t need tools to research topics.
You can always use free tools like answer the public, or use google autosuggestion by tying keywords etc.

I see the problem here is you don’t have appropriate methods in place to find and to write the information.
I see writing as a hurdle in your case.

The site i told earlier was also on a small pet which i sold. And trust me when I started this in 2018 there was 0 information out there. Going through Facebook groups, asking in groups, YouTube videos, quora, reddit and similar platform often have the guidelines or partial information which you need to collect and write.

The main problem i see is you must have started finding topics and trying to write information from day 1.

That’s not how things work. You have to first learn basic care of pet and go through whatever information is available on that pet in YouTube, forums, and blogs. Make your own notes for everything along the way which you will use later for reference. Like i will make notes for diet, habitat, bedding, disease and everything else out there.

Then I will dive into finding topics and writing articles. People skip this step and that’s what backfires.


thanks for some motivation…

I want to know, How you build backlinks… and how much time it took for u to drive organic traffic to ur blog…

No backlink until site gets to 1000$ atleast. Then you can go with HARO. but then its too costly!
I would prefer to grow organically to a point site starts earning well before you think of backlinks.

Comparing my organic growth will give you zero value as it depends on how good your search analysis is!

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