Moving blog posts to /blog/


Mine is an old blog and now i want to change my main page to a landing page.

If i now move all my blog posts to would there be an SEO effect? Or any chances of a traffic drop?

so you would like to change the URL structure of your site? :confused:

Not recommended?

you gotta setup 301 redirections, and it’s like inviting problems.

The actual problem would be: How do you plan to maintain articles in / and /blog/? You can host another WordPress site on /blog/ or theme modification could help as well :thinking:

I just want to jazz up my home page. Thats all. As my home page shows the latest blog posts, i am stumped what to do.

But, why you want to migrate?

This reason! I have many blog posts but i have not ways to guide readers where they want to go.

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But why would there be any problem? You are just showing the posts in /blog/ and your homepage will also have a link to your blog page. Nothing else is changing, right? Traffic will normally come from Google to the respective posts.

+1 for this.

Design a great landing page and set it as homepage rather than risking traffic with redirection.

My 2 cents.


/page/2/ will become /blog/page/2/
Same for category and tags archive
There will be many redirections

But can anyone try on staging. If you are showing your blog posts layout in home page, and you wanna change later, i think there would be too many redirections.

No other option?

Install Visual Composer. Create a page Blog, and set it as homepage. Create a category blog (noindex) and show articles from that category on homepage.

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Let everything be as it is and create a new page and name it as “Blog”.
Then, create a landing page and name as “HomePage”.

Finally, go to the WordPress read settings and replace the default Homepage and Blog to the newly created pages.

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Visual Composer will jazz up the homepage and speed at the same time, not an issue :wink:


This is what i am doing and all home page links will change to /blog/

If you create a page with /blog/ then just display all your posts there and all post URLs will be same. The homepage will become landing page.

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No, it will not change with /blog/ prefix.

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Can confirm. Url of individual posts will not change.

The blog page is just a page that lists all blog posts in reverse chronological order.

Some themes actually have fancier blog pages that will allow you to show the latest post as featured post with big image and the rest as two column grid with smaller image. Some genesis themes also have very fancy homepages that you won’t even need a plugin to design homepage.

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This requires a redirection setup, and tbh this won’t help you in any way.

yep, all these fancy things slow down the site. Visual Composer for example :wink:

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Following things I have used on my blog:

  1. Create two pages and give the name Home and blog, select blog page template, fill meta title and description and publish the page.
  2. Go to settings>reading and select front page home and post page blog and save the settings.
  3. Now go to Appearance > Widgets and use categories and other widgets to design Your homepage. You can place these widgets in Home top, middile, bottom widgets area.
    Please note this will not change url and categories structure but your post page will be changed to