Moz Stats: has a Spam score of 21%



It’s an interesting thing about the Bing search engine. Moz bar showing 21% as spam score for Bing while other search engines have 0-10%. Is Moz became mad?

I think webmasters no need to worry too much about spam score.

Can any SEO expert explain this?



MOZ is useless! Ignore that.


It’s Bing. That score is well deserved as per indexed result I see in the SERPs of Google.

Source: Google SERPs

There is index of redirect chain also. I believe, they could set X-Robots-Tag: noindex to avoid this.


Nobody can stop Spam backlinks and thats why Google ignore them. MOZ is outdated and still use same old “More backlinks More authority” stuff.


They are going for big update. Hope this brings the new stuffs in DA & PA.


I agree with moz there are on point with it, bing is a desperate attempt my MS to compete with google but there results are pathetic… god know which duds use bing for searching… even duckduckgo is better…


No way.

  • DuckDuckGo loads very slow, Bing is faster even compared to Google.

  • DuckDuckGo shows similar SERPs as Bing. If page is noindex in Bing, DDG also doesn’t show.

  • DDG sells one thing - “Privacy”. Nothing else.


Tony Stark used bing in Iron man 2


Bing is used in western countries not in india.