Multi language site


I want to make a multi language website. How can I do it? If anyone knows then please tell me.



Or easy way, install and activate below plugin.



Thanks @GulshanKumar



You’re welcome!

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Hi friend,

You can use multi-site feature of the Wordpress. It is the best method i think.
Multi-site means two version of your blog under same Wordpress installation. (like and )

You can check:


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Okay, no. Multisite will require you to do double work. Double SEO, double cashing, double maintaining and not all the plugins are multisite compatible.

The best way is to use a plugin, like WeGlot, WPML or Polylang. They will turn your existing site into a multilingual website.

Make sure your theme is translation-ready, almost all WPorg themes are translation-ready, as it was introduced as a requirement in TRT process a couple of years back.

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Yes, WPML is the best plugin for doing that but It would cost $79 per year.
PolyLang is the best free option but, PolyLang cannot translate plugins, or special fields.

To make more customization and freedom, Multi-site + Language Switcher plugin will be best.

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Multisite is a disaster. Believe me, I work for a European company and almost all of our clients are multilingual. Multisite is not good for long term. WPML is $79, and it’s worth it. So yes, if you want to invest on your website then it’s worth it.

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Why it is a disaster or not good for long term. Could you please clarify it?

You can connect each site via this plugin or Language switcher plugin I think.
However I agree with you, If you have money, WPML plugin will be best choice for beginners.

On the other hand, If you decide to use multi-site feature of Wordpress, you should look for translation ready themes and plugins. The most of popular themes and plugins are already translation ready.



It is a disaster because you basically have to manage two separate websites. If you change layout in one place, then you have to do it on your other sub-site. Not all plugins are compatible with Multisite, not all themes are properly made for MS, and MS is pretty tough to manage at times.

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Yes, As I said before, it may be not good option for beginners. But large corporations usually use multi-site to translate their blog.

If you create a multi-site, you can fully customize all fields of your blog. Just choose translation ready plugins or ask to the author whether it is translation ready or not. For instance, Genesis Framework theme, Contact form 7, Easy Social Share plugin, or Google Sitemap plugin… These popular items are compatible for multi-site.

If I am a beginner about WP, I absolutely use WPML. But If I have some experiment and knowledge about WP Multi-site, why shouldn’t I choose a creating multi-site.

Anyway, I saw your bio and your knowledge level looks better than me :slight_smile: I just want to unlimited customization on my site. So, I must choose WP multi-site :slight_smile:

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I always trust Yoast team and their suggestions about Wordpress.



Which method did you tried?

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I am going to do manually with ur process.

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On my single website I published articles in two languages. Is it a good idea in aspect of SEO? I used ‘hreflang’ tag.

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Hreflang or multilingual sitemap will be enough for Multilingual SEO. And also add a linkage(language switcher) for your visitors to the header or footer.



Thank you very much for your advice.



You’re welcome!

Also you can check my topic about the multilingual SEO on Google:!topic/webmasters/4nBANKE7Ikw;context-place=forum/webmasters



Simply use a sidebar widget by jetpack called google translate and you are good to go. No coding, no extra plugins