Multipe Adsense Account On Same Ip

I am managing 2-3 adsense account on my PC and i know there is no problem in managing 2-3 adsense account on same IP or Same PC if their Payee Name, Address and all is different.
Still i need to see any official google statement or video on it.
Can any one give link of such articles or video ?

Yet, AdSense has not released any such information on the public domain.

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I am too having doubt in this regards. Do anyone had an experience in this?

i have experienced of that , i am managing 2-3 adsense accounts on same pc from last 1-2 years, and there is no problem at all.

Third party companies like cybermedia,Ezoic and many more also manages various adsense accounts of their clients and they don’t face problem at all.

I Just asked for any official statement by google.

But once in my past, my Adsense Account was blocked due to multiple logins from same IP. It was happened 3yrs back, probably in 2016…
So I am using different computers with different Internet IP to access Google Adsense.

blocked for successful logins …?