Multiple AdSense on One Website?

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I am already having a website with an AdSense account and now can I use another AdSense account(not my account) and apply for approval with the same website. Is two AdSense approval on a single website possible?

And somehow if AdSense ban the site from account 1 will it be able to serve ads from account 2?


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It’s possible to use. There is no problem.

If siteA use AdSense1 and you want to use AdSense2 from siteB on your siteA,

  1. siteA should be added and approved in the AdSense2 Account
  2. siteA’s “ads.txt” should contain the publisher id record of AdSense2

Is it possible to use two accounts in one blog?
Will Google pay from both the accounts.


I think NO

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Yes you can use two accounts on one website
Google will pay both the accounts


Yes its possible you have to mention both publisher IDs in the ads.txt file and if required URL needs to be added in the adsense.