MX record was not found for your root domain


I am unable to receive mail. I have contact to my hosting provider and they said there is something wrong in the CDN and said I need to create a MX record.


Can anyone tell what should I fill in the field of “mail server”?

Thank you in advance for your help.



Record Type: MX
Name: @
Priority: 1



Hosting provider said to me


& in the

I should use my Website email address or Hosting account email address?


Yes, add it like that.


Which one I should use in place of


Your domain :point_down:


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No problem, You’re welcome!


For MX records, You should first know who is Your mail service provider. If it is something like G-Apps for Business they provide their mx record details…
You can always find relevant details through your provider.

E.g. I use my server - for emails and hence, my records look like
Type: MX
Host: @
Mail Server:
Priority: 10


Yes you’re right. Like I use SendGrid and they tell me to enter instead of my own domain.


Really appreciate your time here.:slight_smile: However, I dropped message to hosting account to know more about this details.


Complete guide on CloudFlare DNS.


@GulshanKumar CloudFlare has been displaying a warning message. How to fix it?


Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


To prevent leaking server IP address from DDoS attack, Cloudflare suggest to remove any record that expose your web hosting IP address. Generally, this issue happens when webmaster uses cPanel based e-mail hosting.

It’s not recommended to host e-mail at same server that you are using for running website.

Solution: You should use external services such as Zohomail / G Suite kind of e-mail services to prevent leaking your hosting IP of your website.

Then, Cloudflare won’t warning for that thing.


It means, I should delete email account from cPanel and create a new account on Zohomail?


Just sign up to Zohomail and follow the guideline.


Thanks for your helps.


There’s no need to delete just sign up for Zoho or any other and update your MX Records.

That will work :slight_smile:


That’s very kind.:slight_smile: