My AEGIS (My DAD) | A blog dedicated to my father


Thanks @GulshanKumar to allow me to share this blog, this is personal blog dedicated to my father, who is he, what he taught to me?
After working 2.5 half years (part-time) on blogging, now I am able to do work full time (I left the job on 8th April 2019 - which was paying me 60K per month) and able to pay more than 20 guys per months - Just because of my father & of course blogging.


Hey man.

Really enjoying reading this Blog. May god give your father a long life.

Just a simple request, Consider expressing your love to your father more through words and expressions directly (which most of us donot do usually), instead of showing your expressions in words at Blogs. (Just a friendly suggestion).

God Bless :slight_smile:


I also do it - last holi I went there and took some of the pics with him, the moment I wanted to share.
By the way, thanks :slight_smile:

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Really HearT_Touching Story

Look at the smile of his father :slight_smile:


Two reasons were there to write a blog on it

  1. His curiosity to learn new things (same smile was on his face - when he saw and used tablet first).
  2. His smile - when he was trying to find the alphabets on the keywords & type his name


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You have reached a great destination in your life because of your father. A proud salute to him “Man of Devotion”. Bring him to the world of technology and let him experience 2019, this is the only thing you have to do for your father now bhaiya!
All the best, keep going.


thanks @MyilRaj

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God Always bless you dear :heart_eyes:

Papa ko dekhkar ankhon me aasu aa gaya bhai

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Thanks for making me smile :slightly_smiling_face:

The way you portrayed it was so beautiful, may God bless you and your family :+1: