My article are not indexing?

Here anything is missing?

I’m using Yoast SEO plugin and In search engine, I didn’t get SEO title which I use in Yoast SEO what is the reason?

  • Submit sitemap_index.xml file
  • Try inspect URL tool to check if URL can be crawled and indexed by Googlebot or not
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How can i fix this? In seatch engine, It is showing like this- “how to do this - websitename”. even i have added seo title in yoast seo plugin.

Submitted and URL crawled and indexed by google.

I added and what about sitemap.xml do I need to add this also?

Is it a new site?
If the quality of the content is not good or if there are not much article on your site then it is tough to get traction to begin with.
Submit all article via search console for few days and once it starts indexing it will be all good

Nope. It is 4 years old blog.