My AWS Hosting Went To 100% CPU

I’m using t2.micro AWS server with LAMP Server. (Might Be NGNIX too)
Now my CPU has gone to 100% and now I’m unable to access my website.
I rebooted the server but no solution as of yet.

@GulshanKumar any solution?

Is this only happening when you are publishing/updating a post?

That’s what I did! It’s been an hour now

Which all plugins do you use?

This is the first time! Now CPU usage has gone near about 0.
Rankmath, Jetpack, Elementor, Table press, etc. Yes there are more plugins

  • Sometime a single plugin can cause 100%. Deactivate each one by one to test.
  • In another case, check your Database tables if single table appears very bloated in unusual way it can also cause issue.
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Do you get log file to find out the issue?

This was very unusual! But my whole instance went to 100% CPU. Even when I restarted it a few times. Finally, when it went normal, I was not able to access my website.

Then I noticed that the IP was changed. So, I guess AWS changed IP?

After restart IP may change, get static IP.

How to do that?