My blog theme not working properly

No matter whatever theme I use, my blog is a mess. The theme doesn’t work properly. Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance

Hi @Siva_Shanmugam

I tried visiting your site, facing broken images. Do you need solution for that issue or something else, what is not working? (Please write clearly)


No sir, the site looks the same regardless of the theme I install with different colours of the text. I don’t know what the problem is and I want to install themes with all those interfaces and I don’t want plain text. Thanks

Right now, you are using Neve theme

Its stylesheet returns 404. That is causing broken Layout. You need to check server if file really exists at location or not.

Or, it could be server mis-configuration as well which can cause 404.

This happen with all theme? please try to disable speed related plugin

Reinstalling wordpress using cpanel solved the issue. Thanks a ton!

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