My experience with Webinoly

In less than 10 minutes, you can have fastest LEMP stack via Webinoly. Using unique and memorable command can be quite addictive. :heart_eyes:


  • If you host multiple sites you own and moderate, self-hosting is still a cost-effective solution.

  • But if you provide hosting to your clients, then please look for managed hosting to be secure and time-saving benefits.

I personally tried Webinoly for deploying WordPress. Performance wise, I have always found it impressive. Thanks to NGINX FastCGI cache, PHP 7.3 and other greatest technology.

However, I feel that Webinoly script shouldn’t be used for deploying multiple client website at one instance of Ubuntu server. As per its file permission system it is possible that multiple site can get hacked at once.

Disclaimer : This information is only for educational purpose. I shall not be held responsible for any unethical use.

  1. Deploy a new instance

  2. Pointed DNS for 2 sites

  3. Install Webinoly

  4. Add two sites

  5. Change public root path to site1 directory in the File manager plugin of Site 2

  6. Now, you can manage to upload/edit/delete anything by cross site.

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