My Facebook account has been disabled

Please please please help

My all fb pages & groups will be lost

You may appeal to Facebook to get account back. This is only way.

A friendly tip:-

Some days back, your google adsense account(s) were disabled and now facebook is gone. So after you get your facebook account back, try understanding how these systems works.

Stop spaming them (If you do) and understand how they work properly :slight_smile: Will be beneficial for longer run .

— Just suggesting because I had been in these stages long before .

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I am greatly sorry about your loss but please understand that if you have anything valuable such as “Fan Page” or “Group” you can keep more than one Admin to avoid loss. For now, till account is not available to access you can only download data. Appealing to Facebook in promising manner may resolve this issue. You may create a new account if you feel important.

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Facebook’s anti-spam filter on point :100:

But I have not done anything like spamming

Their system will not suspend you if you have not done anything wrong! Maybe you posted some things in pages or groups etc.

Now you cannot really do anything about this other than Downloading your information.

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