My Fiverr experience with Clients and Sellers [Both Perspective]


I don’t want to offenses someone. But Its already half an year since I started working on fiverr. I work for three Indian Clients so far and from my experience I can say that “if you want to sell your service, never sell it to a indian client”.
They Want to squeeze every bit of you of even for a little amount.
Recently, I designed someone website. He tell me to do seo and speed optimization in that budget too. I refuged him and tell him this isn’t the deal. He left me 2.7 stars.
I am 100% sure I never going to work for an indian client.
Two previous client also too annoying. and interesting fact is that none of them leave a review till now.

Also, Never buy any from a Pakistani seller. I order two gig from them and believe me both seller show there portfolio, which seems professional. but when they deliver there work. I was shocked.
One of them is a design a logo which was so trash. Even a five year old design better than that.
Other seller was a greedy person, he deliver 25% work and start demanding money for rest of work.
Again No offence to anyone, these are my thoughts. Maybe your experience is good so try not to criticize mine :slight_smile:


There are many Indian Buyers and Paki Sellers on Fiverr…if all are the same, Internet would have been filled with posts like this. You also got 5-star rating from Indian, right? Never seen you making post Praising about that? Not want to start a debate here, but someone said it right “Indians are the main problems of Indians”…if you make post that deserves to be criticized, and then say don’t criticize me, it’s like slapping someone and then say sorry for no reason.


No Never, Even I worked for one guy for a month without extra credit. That’s the problem, they just want me to work for them for free. Most Indian Come to Fiverr to buy cheap service for 5$, but they want 50$ work in 5$ how can this possible.

if you can do 50$ stuff for 5$ for an Indian just because he is Indian, you’re welcome.



He seems like an India…
And you giving 1 star to entire Indian Buyer community because you got a 2.7 star from an Indian…Why it is right for you and Wrong for Him?

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Sorry about that. Some time that happens (regardless of any country).


  1. Do not hold grudge, move forward. It’s better to be careful while dealing with any one.

  2. Understand your client requirement clearly. This can prevent a lot of issues.

If a client do not respond in timely manner, bombard continuous messages, behave rudely or ask things out of the context, force to join on teamviewer or social media - please beware!! You are going to deal with toughest one. Better cancel such order by contacting customer support.

  1. Regarding seller, if someone has lots of indepth 5 stars reviews, most likely you can work with them.


This is the problem mate, Before taking order I make all details clear. but Even I work per deal they flip at last moment. Because fiverr give them power to ruin our rating we can’t do anythinghing. even One of them blackmail me to give lowest star.
I cancelled order and get demoted, if I cancel order I can get demoted and if I not that I am going to get 1 star again get demoted. its a loss from all angles.


Did you reported issue to Fiverr customer support?


I do, they just suggest me to cancel order by mutual decision or charge him sone extra which he isn’t going to pay. Even I worked on project for weeks. I Don’t wanna to simply waste all those hours.


Do you accept multiple works at once?

Like, I will do A, B, C and D at this site?

If possible, break down multiple projects into few custom order. This will reduce your wasted hours even if there is chance of cancellation.

My suggestion would be straight forward: Don’t be yes man for a buyer. I will do this and that and everything you ask in x amount. Just ask them to be precise and work that only. No extra. No extra unsolicited suggestion need to given unless they ask. Some time, buyer don’t cooperate well. I see. Therefore it’s better to cut down hours we spend for them.


@GulshanKumar @Ajay_Malik I changed the title. Please do not blame the whole country. This will create misconception and have a negative effect. May also affect the guys doing good work. For example : @GulshanKumar. He is doing great work on Fiverr since 2018.

So, Please don’t do this.

No offence please :wink:


Fiverr support is pathetic. they take side of buyer most of the time


It will be “AS IS”, if you do not like please find alternative or your own solution. Do not expect perfection or take a 3rd party services as guaranteed.

So sorry if this sounds difficult.


Basically I do 100$ in 15$ just to get these 5 stars, you know how irritating it is. I worked for many indian client outside of fiverr. most of them call me when they needed work and I respect them. But On fiverr people get leverage and they misuse it


this is good, But I only work on one project at a time. don’t want to take so much burden. Also, I find multitasking affect my health badly.


If you visit fiverr official forum you find out how big this problem is. Many new seller leave fiverr because of it. Even top rated seller facing these types of issue


In beginning, it’s requirements to make gig attractive by getting some rating. Later on you can change.

Same here. I have received immense support and love from Indian buyers. Thanks🙏

I feel much comfortable working with them. We can speak Hindi too. :grinning:

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Nobody does multi tasking, we are not Computer. A human always try to do task switching! :joy:

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That makes sense :rofl:

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