My Fiverr One Year Experience

Alright, I know there are many Fiverr Seller on this forum and This forum is the one which helps me to start my career at Fiverr. I must be thankful to all of you. The Thing I am talking about Today, some of you can’t agree with me because everybody has there own View.

So, My Account is Disabled by Fiverr :frowning: This isn’t the reason I mad at Fiverr. They disabled my account when I myself leaving this platform and waiting for my money clearance.

I’m a Level One seller with 1300$+ sales and 150$+ Pending Money. I served 74 Clients and only two of them didn’t give 5 stars, 59 out of 61 my reviews are great. They give me two warning in two days disabled my account on the second day.

What is a warning? It’s meaning I was warned that If I did something wrong again I have to face consequences. Why give warning, when you can direct disable the account.

I accept one warning that I contact some buyer outside Fiverr. But I never ask for their contact info first. They always ask for my contact info because Fiverr charges too much commission.

Here’s why second Warning I get: My Buyer tell me that I changed his website font. But All I do is insert schema in his website. I gave him 1-star review and he goes to Fiverr support and they tell me you can’t give buyer one star. you supposed to give them 5star.

Here’s a quick example
If your buyer threatened you to do extra work otherwise he gives 1 star. Some say you go to Fiverr support. Okay, Let’s assume you go to Fiverr support. they ask you to cancel the order.
Two things can happen. First, you get 1 star. second, the order is cancelled.
Do you want to know who loss in both cases? you, because if you get 1 star, you screwed or if you cancel the order, you screwed (Fiverr will not promote you to next level seller if your order completion rate is below 90%). So, Just do what your buyer says.

All it takes one annoying buyer to ruin your one year of work. Fiverr is a buyer ass licking platform and every seller knows that. All Fiverr rules will apply only on sellers, not buyers. Buyers can do whatever they want. they can’t be banned for asking your contact info outside Fiverr, They can’t be banned for asking me to give them 5 stars.

You know how I maintain my 5-star rating? I do all the work which they want me to do. but in Holy Geeta Krishna said that evil must be opposed

I think I am diabolical, I was comfortable with ass licking until I get paid for it. When I banned I am blaming Fiverr. But I learnt My life lesson, Everything happens for a good purpose. From Now evil must be opposed. The seller must have the same right as the buyer.

I ruined my website for Fiverr and didn’t have a backup plan. But Now I Build my own website and going to be my own boss.

I didn’t want to hurt anyone work or feeling. Sorry, If I said something wrong.
You all my friends and you all always be helpful to me.


Hey mate!
Sorry to hear about your experience. I have completed 2600$ + in sales and I am getting too much orders and custom requests from last 6 months.

But you know why, I am still scared of my future! The only reason is I know fiverr can throw me out anytime. I have 100+ , 5 Star reviews, some clients ( agency owners and freelancers themselves ) order regularly and have done 5-5 orders with me also and still they order when needed.

The only thing is fiverr CS is shit. There reps have not much things in their control and most of the times they just send you a pre written template as a reply.

But they are also right at their place. They need to be hard sometimes to save their platform. I often get messages from asians ( Especially pakistanis and Indians ( sorry for stereotyping ) ) that I can contact them for work at this number or their email. These people write details in Image since content written at them cannot be read by system.

So its like some people try to f*** their system and then fiverr ends up f***** its own good freelancers :frowning:

I know its sad but writing all this in any forum ( even in fiverr forum ) is not going to help you. So better start again , make custom clients without any such platform, work hard and achieve your goals.


It’s really sad to be in such a worst situation and the moment when you have nothing in your hand for tomorrow. But why did you revoked your attention towards your blog? Probably you have to put some effort to keep it live so that you can have at least a backup solution at a time when need.
Anyhow, just keep things aside and start again brother. All the best!

Great thing is that they didn’t me a chance to fix my mistake after warning. Blocked me directly after warning. I am never looking back and started working on my own website and a niche site

This is my biggest mistake that I lose focus on my own website. Even its the one which bring me my first client

Freelancer sites are always support buyers. That’s why i am not using any freelancing sites.
I am using indiamart marketplace and google ads since 2017 and made good clients.
Now we have 20+ team members (PHP, .NET, JAVA, ANDROID, IOS,DIGITAL MARKETING).
We are not working on word press because, we are not working on fixing issues, we works on custom projects that have good budget, word press is not suitable for us due to low budget projects.

In my business any client can not say i will give you 1 start rating on freelancer or fiverr.


Till we have time, restart your personal website and start promoting it. Create a brand in your name and start reaching out new clients.

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I already started working on my own website, Choose Firebase Hosting. Because static website are secure and going to use adward for promotion

That’s great progress. No One Complain you or force you to anything when you’re your own boss.


I never liked Fiverr - never get that freelancing feel from that $5 gig website

I have resumed finding projects on Upwork recently.

The best thing about Freelancing websites are that there are hell lot of people who apply for just a $50 build a webpage task posted by client, but all those $2000 + build a custom website in Nodejs, PHP don’t have even 5 proposals.

I got myself 2 clients the same day I joined. :blush:
It’s a heaven for skilled freelancers.

Just sharing my experience.


Upwork is way Better than Fiver, Provides very professional Clients for some serious business. Alo as you level up it cut less commission from your fee