My home page is ranking for some keywords but not my particular post


I just checked out ranking for some of my keywords manually.
I have found some keywords where i have a specific article on but my home page is already ranking for that article in 2ndpage but the exact post page isn’t.
Did i broke something technically or will it fix in sometime.
Inshort the rank is not for the landing page it should be but the homepage!
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Can you share little more information?

  • URL in question
  • Target keyword

I will check and update.

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No, I work in 0 backlink strategy.
I dont go out building link.
I only create helpful content.
Google ranks it automatically.
I think i got my error.
I was requesting indexing from search console right after publishing the article.
So there was no proper refering page and sitemap updation which caused the issue…seems to have fixed when google crawls again in sometime.

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Let it be done google. Dont fetch it yourself.
Everything naturally will be the best for your blog.



Give some interlinks from other posts to that post with exact match keyword as anchor. Your desired post will start ranking.

As homepage has higher page authority, it happens due to same keyword used somewhere on homepage.

Also, As @Wasim_Akram said, never fetch new post by google fetch as natural indexing will give you steady rank.
Google fetch tool is mainly for to inform google about old post has been modified to crawl it again.

Thank you.

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It’s good in an urgent case.

Generally, it is still not required. Because, the XML sitemap we keep submitted at the Search Console it already having “Last Modified” timestamp which hint Bot to revisit the web page.

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Don’t just don’t do that. Instead you can submit or update your Sitemaps if you want.

But request indexing is not a good idea. Let it be naturally/automatically done by Google.

Just focus on writing good content.

You can these things :

  • Interlink your articles
  • keep them updated
  • work on design of your blog
  • Add Breadcrumbs
  • Create sitemap for humans[Not that important]
  • Make Title Callable, add words which improve CTR.
    Like : [UPDATE]
  • Use dates and numbers in title.
  • Make use of Meta description to introduce your article in short.
  • Avoid linking your Focus Keyword
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