My one article has been Deindexed from Google. Need Help

Hi Team,

One of my article got Deindexed from Google.

but I checked in Google Search console. Its available there. Here are the snaps.

Need you Help on this.

Thanks in advance

How do you know its deindexed?

I checked it on Google by putting the url under double quote and its not available there.

Go to your search console > performance > search results > “check that questioned URLs”.

  • Check HTTP header response for that URL with Googlebot user-agent selection

  • Does it return 200? If no, there maybe firewall misconfiguration.

  • Make sure, it doesn’t return x-robots: noindex in the header response.

  • Ensure it doesn’t have <meta name="robots" content="noindex" /> in the source code.

  • To find source code, type in browser address bar