My post automatically deleted

Hi guys, my post automatically deleted.

Actually I published a new post on 25 April 2020.

And after I shared a new post notification to my subscribers.

And almost 24 hrs letter, I today the post is invisible.

I mean the URL is saying 404 not found and even in my dashboard and database post is not present anywhere?

Can anyone tell me how did this happen and how can I get back the post.

This is normally not possible unless if your site has been compromised or affected by some plugin.


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Your post might have gone into the draft, which happens when:

you have used WordPress app on mobile to create a draft and then accessed it on PC to modify it, later when your WordPress app gets online, it syncs the posts, the post you have already published is in the draft in the app… thus published posts go into the draft as it was at the very beginning.

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