My site is not responding well

Hey guys I just tried to visit my website URL at 5 PM and from then my site is not responding well.

I mean when I heat enter after entering website URL it is getting too much time and most of the time it showing connection time out error.


But you know when I opening my site through google search it is working well. (Maybe it because google caching system)

I was thinking that it is happening because there was some issue in digital ocean but this has been resolved( - I also observing that digital ocean’s site was also getting too much delay.

I am also getting this error massage in other area -

  • While accessing putty

  • When I am trying to access FTP server(cyberduck).


How can I fix the issue Please urgent help me I am waiting.

Do you see CPU spike in that time?

How can I check that?

DO shows that info in the Dashboard. Select Droplet and check its Usage Graph.

You will see something like this.

More details:

Were you able to login SSH in that time? You could type htop for checking.

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