My Site not opening in UC Browser (Android)

Hi, whenever I’m opening my site in UC Browser Android, its showing “This site can’t be reached,” but in all other browsers, it’s working fine. I had disabled all my plugins changed the theme and even changed my hosting and install new WordPress (Not used backup), but still my site is not opening in UC browser. Anyone can help me in fixing this issue.

@GulshanKumar sir can you help me, please?

Hello, I just seen your question.

May I know what is your site URL?

yes its

Okay, I am checking it. One moment…

okay sir i’m waiting…

I checked your site from the multiple locations

It’s loading fine. There is no issue at site level.

It could be Browser issue itself like “DNS resolution” failure.

I personally do not use UC Browser, I don’t know how it works but in case it uses any kind proxy or VPN that could have DNS server failure from their end.

  • Are other sites loading fine there?

  • One more thing, are you using any kind of special firewall that block proxy/vpn by chance?

sir site is working fine with all other browsers except UC android

  • no, I have hosted two sites on the same server none of them is working on android UC browser
  • no, I’m not using any special firewall.
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Important question: Did you recently made any changes in the DNS records?

Please be aware that it takes time in propagation, not all DNS are equally faster like Cloudflare one

So it is possible that UC DNS may take little more than expected. It could be up to 24 hours.

yes, I had changed my hosting around 6-7 days ago.

That could be a reason…

Try clearing browser cache and check again. Because DNS cache also remains for certain time period at system level.

I have tried even my friends tried that but same issue

@BlogyMukesh Hello again!
Is it resolved now? :thinking:

no, I have changed my cloud hosting with shared hosting.

@GulshanKumar @BlogyMukesh BTW! Who uses that Scammy browser these day :unamused:

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only bloggers don’t use :confused:

That’s true…

It’s opening in UC.

No sir, It’s the most favorite browser to me for fast downloading any file.

For downloading, I prefer Chrome with chrome://flags/#enable-parallel-downloading enabled or IDM anytime.