My Vultr Server Just stoppped Working

I’m using vultr server and my WordPress website was hosted over there… I got a database connectivity issue… which shouldn’t have happened as I was not using the website and no one else does.

Then I restarted the server. Now the website does not load it.
I’m using the LEMP method to host the website.

Now i want to get back the website online.

I’m getting 521 Hosting error. I tried it with ip address but no luck.

@GulshanKumar I think there might be a problem with Apache or PHP?

First off, do you have Backup?

I don’t have the backup but the data is on server!!!

I think mysql is killed/not running… (could be due to low RAM) try to run/start mysql.

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@GulshanKumar looks like my ngnix is not runnning properly…
When i said to restart it doesnot…
How do i delete the current Ngnix and install new one?

Can you check few things?

Check current disk space

df -h

Then, share a screenshot of the output available on


To close press F10.

Here you go -


It looks normal to me.

Okay… do one more test


nginx -t

What does it return?


Okay… Thanks for providing required information.

May I know, did you recently edited /etc/nginx/... file?

No!! I was not doing anything
I got an database error ! Then I just restarted my server!
It all led to this

Oh sorry to know about that.

This will require extensive debugging. I would suggest hiring this person to get fixed.

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Please take a snapshot backup before handing over server to anyone.

Already have taken snapshot! Will do

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Where can i find my sql data base??? of wp?

You need to install phpMyAdmin to grab it.

sadly its installed! but cannot access it due to the problem

Try SSH way to export DB

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