My website admin dashboard (link not working)

My site admin dashboard link is not working.


Kindly tell me the way out.


Hello Fahim,
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Have you checked WordPress Error logs? This can reveal the reason for the problem you mentioned.
Your hosting team can help in finding the error log.


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Dear where I can find “WordPress error logs”?

My dear, please understand this is subject to vary as per hosting.

For example

cPanel show this way

Other host this way …

Therefore, I would suggest kindly get in touch with your hosting support team.

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Thanks for your help! I got login in my Dashboard.

But now

In my dashboard, I see the update for PHP, and I don’t have the idea of how to do it.
Here is the imaghe below.


Ask your hosting provider to upgrade your PHP version. sure they will do it for you. I hope upgrading will not break your site.

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Is there any plugin that I can use for updating?

You don’t have to use plugin for this. You can do it from your cpanel. Chat with your hosting provider.

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You can select PHP version from cPanel, if you have access to it…

cPanel>Software>Select PHP Version

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Yes dear i changed it. but now it shows this error and site is breaked.

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Enable mysql extension simply. When you update php it will show list of modules which you need to enable. Better contact host and ask them to do for you

Please follow this

My Website Is not Loading?

Can anyone diagnose the issue.


  1. Edit wp-config.php file using cPanel File Manager or FTP
  2. change false to true
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
  1. Now try to visit /wp-admin/ page
  2. You will see error log and fix accordingly.

or you can restore from backup.