My website is being omitted in search results


When I click on show omitted results then it shows my website in the result.

This happens when similar results are being indexed in Google SERPs.

In WordPress, mostly happens due to subpages.

what to do in that case?

Also does it mean that my website is penalised by Google?

Not penalised actually. But google hide the pages that seems to be very similar to improve the user experience.
Use Siteliner to find the duplicate content and try to remove it or fix it somehow.

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I have already used ccopyscape, but it only finds one duplicate page. while Siteliner says my website has 33% duplicate content, even though I have not copied content from any where

OKOK, I guess there’s a difference between internal duplicate content and duplicate content on another website.

My website doesn’t have any duplicate content from other website but it might have internal duplicate content as suggested by siteliner (35%)

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It is actually a sign of google penalty

Need to check in little more details.

Are you able to provide website url and search term?

well i created many tags (like 90-100) with same starting name but like Gulshan, Gulshan Kumar, Kumar, Vyom, Vyom Srivastava, Srivastava. So can this cause that omitted issue?

Likely possible.