My Website is showing this on Google.. ANY HELP!

I recently switch from shared hosting to VPS and transferred my files from shared to VPS and later saw this on Google showing theme details…

Does it shows 404 if you click that link?

Omg… just realize that when i click on anything i get “This site can’t provide a secure connection”

That means ‘SSL’ certifcate is not installed at your hosting server.

i really have a big problem with my hosting company setting my VPS since they said i have to do that manually myself is making me find difficulties setting my website now

The big problem is how can i point my Godaddy domain to my VPS

(Replace with own domain)

Go to

Something like this…

Type Name Value TTL
A @ 600

Update the A record with your Server IP (example,

now my website is pointing to my VPS but when i check dnschecker my NS is still pointing to my shared hosting

My custom VPS nameserver looks like this so i can add to Godaddy nameservers
Screenshot (164)
Please help

Create Glue record in GoDaddy for your own custom nameservers and against those IPs first & second IPV4 and IPV6 addresses respectively.