My Website Runs Slow After Upgrading Host

i have upgraded my host to power speed my website but it’s unfortunate after upgrading my host from single shared to premium shared host everything now act worse compared to when i was running on the single shared.
my score and performance on GTMetrix and the rest makes me feel sad.
i really need help guys

Though upgrading your host can help improve your loading speed, but this is not the only option to follow. You have to start from the bottom like cache optimization, image optimization, CDN integration, code optimization, that, etc.

can you help me with the code optimization and the rest…

Recently gtmetrix changed how they measure site speed. Now they use - lighthouse. So, if you compare the current score with old scores then you won’t get the actual difference.

If you have saved your old performance reports - see the waterfall tab (in gtmetrix), you can compare loading time instead of the overall score.

You can also use to check your site speed.

If you didn’t change other settings after transferring then your performance should increase.

Other factors might affect the performance – installing new plugins, newly updated plugin increased their size etc.

Can you share that report link?

If you take a look at the image below you see these .css taking longer time to load
and i use WP Smush to smuch my images but still when i check here they look unsmushed

i have run the test and found Largest Contentful Paint in serious red color
security and first byte time also in red

Switch to a different hosting. There are many good options available.

In the report you checked http version insted of https.

The redirection took long time (1.2s). Which hosting company do you use?

For better performance you can check cloudways. If you want shared hosting - namehero offers lightspeed servers – with free Ls cache plugin which is good for speed.

If you can get the money back then it will be better to change hosting company. Or talk to the customer support team…

With existing config -

Use webp image, try autoptimize


what hosting will help me base on my budget and will still deliver speed and reliability to my visitors

What is the monthly budget?


One option for you is Namecheap shared hosting in that budget.

okay thank you