Need a logo for my site to upload to Google Publisher Center

This is Venkat. I am applying to Google Publisher Center.
Need two logos, a square, and wider one.
Need a designer who can create logos on my site name for the same in two days.
These are the requirements.

My budget is 700rs.
Will share my sitename and examples of how my logo should be in DM. DM me if anyone interested.

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As far as I know @AbhishekVerma is a good designer.

For your kind @venkat there is no benifit of Google Publisher Center approval after december 2019

Google Publisher Center approval still unlocks your site for better reach in Discover and News app :slight_smile:

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That’s correct for Discover feature but not for growing reach in News app. To reach with visitors in Google News App, the site needs to be present in News Search Results.

Incorrect. In theory, Google Publisher Center applies to both Discover and News app.

If you’ve a high quality site and you’re luckily enough, you can still dive traffic from Discover and News app. The audience is bigger than News tab.

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Thank @BihariLala for this information.

He already approached me, but I do not understand his requirements.

I love to design logos and graphics that represents your works and name too. I don’t want to just put initials of two words and scribble two three lines.

@venkat I hope you understand what I am saying. The logo idea you sent me was kind of the thing I mentioned above.

@AbhishekVerma Sent a message to you.