Need a social media guy (who can promote the website)

I am looking for a serious guy target based who can achieve the given targets.
I want to share the articles on facebook, linkedIn groups etc - and want to get traffic from there also. Currently we have more than 75% traffic from Google searches and around 1-2% from social media.

Is there anyone who is interested? please leave number in PM.

Faceobook, Twitter, LinkedIn traffic won’t be huge in your niche. The traffic from social media will flow if you’re in entertainment and tech niche with good brand awareness.

I highly doubt it will work in your niche.

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for a week I started posting on some programming groups - traffic increased and posts were read by many peoples - the problem was after 7 days the profile got banned for a few days and then again the same story.
So I need an expert in it.
I think it will work with the programming related groups and definitely people read from there .

If you spam, not only the profile will be blocked but Facebook might also ban your entire site on its platform. What you can do at max is upload videos and invest in Facebook ads to improve engagement and increase the page likes.

Great suggestion that’s why I wanted to post this thread here , So I have to go with the ads - but there are around 5-10 articles per day - there will be a lot of investment, that I don’t want to make.

There should not be any limit to post the links in our/website’s group or/and website’s page?

What I am saying is:

  • Upload video to your page.
  • Promote that video.
  • People will watch video and like your page.

reach of video is much better. you need to get likes to your page and this would be cheapest.

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Are you looking for paid promotion?

Yes | if there is any company or individual without website banning etc - I don’t know anything about it, will take decision after discussing with our mentor like @GulshanKumar, @BihariLala (they will exact allow it)

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I just want social media traffic - without effecting the current social signals or ranking related things

Staragie for article share in social media in each day.
Facebook Page - 2 article
FB Group. - 15 Groups ( 3 Hours Gape)
LinkedIn - 3 Article If Post Related to Business.
Twitter - 4 Twiits.
Pinterest - 10 Pins ( 2 Hours Gape)
Google+ - 3 Post

I hope this will help.


How to join pinterest groups? It seems hard to join?

Thanks @PoojaPatel

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