Need advice about Duplicate content

Just Read this article about duplicate content :
It says that google don’t penalised you for duplicate content buy it will penalised you for copying content or content spinning.
There is this article I found deep in about my niche. It is very well written article but it look messy. I thought if I could duplicate it and made it more reader friendly. But according to above article, if I modify it count as a copied content.
What should I do?

Seems to tough for suggest anything.

Have you any plagiarism checker tool, if yes then must check the plagiarism after your final content is ready.

If its under of 10-15% then, okay you can use but try to make it less than 5-10%.
Don’t use any free tool, they will not show the most accurate.
use this

:white_check_mark: Must enable “deep search” when check.

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Best to just write the article again.

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You sit and read the content to retrieve the important messages that it convey. Use your own words to come up with a new content and along with it, add latest information to add some more value. If this article perform well, your content will rank sure.