Need advice related to dual boot


Hey everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well in your respective fields. I am actually in need of an advice from all of you as I have not much knowledge about computers stuff .

Basically I am planning to start using Linux as my OS but I need to keep windows too as my siblings sometime use my laptop as well.

My current window installation is nearly 2 years old and I want to install a fresh copy now.

Would you guys please lemme know with which Linux I should proceed keeping in my mind I am a complete noob in it.

Also Is dual boot a good option BTW? Or I should use something like virtual box to get friendly with Linux before starting using it as my main OS?

Any other piece of advice or guide which I need to consider before starting with Linux?



Everything is fine, Linux is boring and hard in the beginning. You will miss a lot of Windows thing. Because, most thing you need to do via Terminal.

Yes, try with Virtual box.

Linux distro: Ubuntu

You may also like to know

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Thanks for this


You’re most welcome! :blush:


I’m using Ubuntu along with Windows. If you’re planning to fresh install Win then do it first or you might lose grub.
You should try it with VM first as suggested above :slight_smile:

I’m using dual boot. Just teach your sibling to choose OS to boot in 10 seconds or it’ll boot into Linux.


Thanks for advice. Can you suggest me from where should I download windows? Any safe site for it?


I’m not aware of any safe or secure site :sweat_smile:


Visit via mobile


Thankyou so much :slight_smile:


From here you only can download Windows 10 iso file.
But You have to make it bootable
Then you have to buy Windows 10 License
Then you can use Windows.


I use this application to make an ISO file bootable in the Pen Drive.


Also use a pen drive of 8GB to use as a bootable drive.


I did made it bootable. But what about key now? Any free activation key from web can work?


You can use it without keys, and there are plenty of others way to activate the license ( for education purpose only) :wink:

Talking about Linux might wanna have look at elementary OS some really fine work there.


Thanks, just a last doubt. Can I access files of Linux while booting from Windows OS and vice versa or not?


Files on your drives are accessible irrespective of the OS.


I think your issue should now resolved.
If any queries remaining, then feel free to ask us.
Regards, @Rajdeep :slight_smile: