Need an advice on copyright!

I am planning to start a blog which is a niche related to mobile phones in the market. This is not a review blog. But still I would like to use each mobile phone images for its purpose.

If I use the latest mobile phone images like Mi Note 9 pro, Vivo z1x, Apple x etc. from their official websites or shopping sites, will it cause any copyright / legal issues?

Kindly suggest.

Make a habit to link back every source that is not your original work.


I guess, After a little bit modification you can use it.

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screenshoot it, shldnt be a problem. of course credit

Never use an image without credit or unless you have bought it from a stock library like dreamstime, getty image and so on.

It can land you in legal troubles.
In the world of website and online businesss copyright is a big issue. You should never take it lightly.

Screenshot Wii increase the pixel of that image!

Thank you all for your advices…

I will give credit to the image.

  1. But, even if we give credit to the phones image , for example a link to will it be ok.

  2. Even if any site has contacted with copyright issue, will deleting the image will solve the problem, or will there be cases like I have to pay fine amount?

Perhaps, never.

Most cases get settled by giving credit back or removing if asked.

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