Need an expert who can manage Daily news letter


Dear bloggers,
I am looking for someone who is expert and can manage Daily new letter

  • Adding weekly subscribers to the database (like mailchip etc - which we will use)
  • Sending daily news letter of latest articles
  • Sending next day reports/stats to me

Note: We have around 200-300 genuine subscribers (within last two to three months), I collect subscribers Name & Email ID through website and store them in an Excel sheet.
Monthly stipend: Based on the consumed time (I don’t have much Idea).


I can:
Automate the process of adding subscribers to a mailing list.
Automate the process of displaying stats.
Give You a platform to send newsletters.

If that works, Please feel free to contact me on


Automate so you can manage it yourself. Allowing another person might lead to spamming penalty and poaching.


You can simply automate process using Mailchimp. :slight_smile: Plus if you are getting like 100 subscribers in each month, then you can easily go with its free plan for a year :slight_smile: as it allows some 2000 subscribers/month :slight_smile:

It will automatically notify people about your new Blog posts and in case, you will get some special offerings or deals, you can ping them my making offer campaign yourself easily.


Thanks for replying … We are not on WordPress in that case you can do it automated ?


Thanks for the suggestion will definitely consider it


Can you help me in this I tried but unfortunately unable to get the result … without wordpress we can do it ?


I don’t really spend time providing support to WordPress users here.
Our solution will probably include running a dedicated mailing list server and integrating it to your existing infrastructure. I don’t rely on cloud products like mailchimp because they keep on changing what they offer from time to time which can cause consistency in the future.


You can surely do it without wordpress. Platform does not matters actually. Ping me and I would love to assist you sir :slight_smile:


You are running a site on programming :open_mouth: and this question.

Ye dekhane se pahale maut mujhe q nahin aai.


What I suggest and have done on my site.

Sign up with Sparkpost.
They allow monthly 1 lakh free mails.

Get the API keys. Search a .net library and integrate. Free and automated task.




since this blog is my part-time but its earning spent per month - so I cannot switch on wordpress - with the recommendation by the team of HGK I created a subdomain and start publishing only theoretical content there.