Need help and guidance

Hello everyone,

I hope you people are doing well.

I need a little bit of help from you people. I am working on a new site, which I want to use for providing my speed optimization service. Here is the link >

I used woocommerce for it and still need to build FAQ’s page, reviews page, and Blog section. Can you people please review it?

The color scheme, the content pattern, etc. look good ?? Should I remove woocommerce and directly let people fill the form and get them a quote ?? Would love any insights or feedback from you people

The site design can be improved. You can improve the logo, header, footer, hero section, typography, and the flow.

And there’s no need to have the Woo for this. Include all the relevant info on the pricing page, everything user should know and then redirect the user to PayPal (or any other payment gateway) page for the payment. All the extra steps will only make your conversions low and it’s not even necessary for a service site as the user can only take one service at a time.


Thankyou so much for replying. I will work on it and get all these things done.

For the logo, I too agree its too bad. I did it myself with canva lol! Will hire someone to get it done for me though

Thanks again bro

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  • Improve typography, responsiveness
  • Make page lightweight, you may try Oxygen page builder.
  • Try Parallex design
  • Show more, write less in text, Include testimonials
  • Hire @saksham he can design well.:blush:

Thanks sir for the reply. Will work on all this

You’re welcome!