Need help for YouTube channel video recording


Hello everyone,
I am soon opening my new Youtube channel on Physics, Chem and Bio Lessons. I have got a Tripod and have three devices available for recording the lessons (Handwritten content, on which I will explain in the video)

Available devices are Redmi 6A, Redmi note 5 and Vivo Y53 . The issue is when I am recording notes (Using default Mi camera app) , I think they are not looking much nice and clear.

Actually my writing is not much good plus it seems that some blackish blury view is coming on recording. I have uploaded a sample recording video here >>-

Can you help me figure out what I am doing wrong? How can I make these notes atleast bit cleaner and clearer?

Any more suggestions will be surely appreciated.


It’s not looking good on paper. Why not use a board like this one

  1. Location of light has to be changed. Your shadow is falling on the paper. Check if facing a window/ light helps.

  2. Make background calm with a solid color and not busy patterned tablecloth.
    A. Large wooden cutting board (preferably made with bamboo) can be used as background (Cheap but elegant looking).
    B. White or black chart paper can be used as well.
    C. If you are a DIY person, visit timber shops and get wood cut to your desired size and after a couple of layers of varnish you have a shiny work surface.
    D. Take over mom’s kitchen counter top or place a black granite slab over your current work table if it can bear the weight.
    E. Got spare cash? Buy a wooden kitchen island table from one of those modular kitchen shops. Here is one nice one.

  3. Rather than writing on a notebook, use a dry erase board (toy shops have small handheld ones). This will serve as background as well.

  4. Vehicle noise is heard. Recording at night is better but lighting will be a problem. Lighting makes or breaks a video.


You can use (machine design) drawing board for better background and insist of using normal paper use A4 size printing paper for better appearance.

Here is the look of board and I guess it would come under 200 bucks.


Apart from this, I would like to recommend you to use online tool for better appearance, and design.

  • How about using Whiteboard and marker?

  • Handwriting is readable however as possible as try to improve.

  • For noise reduction, try a software like Audacity.


Investment in a cheap lavalier mic will not hurt much if he’s recording in an adequately silent room.

For recording, I’d really not recommended using mobile. Why not buy a good 1080p webcam and use it? Those are available from trusted brands like logitech and Microsoft in the 3-5k territory.


This webcam can handle both Audio and 1080p video better than phone.

Logitech B525 Commercial HD Webcam


Thanks brother, but it is out of budget for me


Thankyou so much for your advice. I will surely consider it. I have arranged a beautiful wooden background :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I will consider it for sure


Actually I am writing first all the content and then explanining, If I will write while explaining no one will understand anything as my writing will be more messed up. But I will surely consider it as an option.

For Audacity I will try it for sure . @itsbhanusharma I have got a headphone with mic already (It is some cyber acoustics headphone pricing nearly 1800 INR bought from for free) so sound I think will be clear.

This was just a sample video without mic so mobile microphone caught the outer sounds.

Thanks both for your advice though. I really appreciate it


You need device that captures high frame rates



Spill out all the light you have and Use Manual camera app like Cinema FV-5 to manually fix the settings of smartphone, in this case I recommend Redmi note 5 as it has a better sensor. Also, Manual cameras need Camera2api which can be turned on by rooting and editing build.prop file.


Create a slide show instead. Much more professional


Here some thing which I suggest:
*Place a lamp with cfl or Led for lightening
*Use a white A4 sheet rather than ordinary pages
*Try colored pen, black for normal, red for important and green for statement
*Place page portrait mode so that no space left on both side of page. you just have to show page not your bedsheet or table
I am excited to see your first video. Don’t forget to share with me


Thanks mate.
Sure I will :slight_smile:


Mee too


Check out this video. He has the content neatly printed out and shows only what needs to be visible.

Back I go to math homework now… :woozy_face: Hope this helps.


Thanks mate .I appreciate this :slight_smile:


You can use power point, ms word or there are software available which can mimik paper or blackboard


Thanks for the response buddy. Can you recommend me one such software?