Need help I received mail from Online Protect


What is the solution?
My site has 50% of traffic coming from this post.
My competitors also ranking on this topic.
Shall I change the URL of the post? :innocent:


You cannot use trademark name as domain. If you believe that e-mail is correct, you should take down without any second thought.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am in no way to encourage use of trademark name in unauthorised way.

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my domain name is different. This is one of the post in my site.


Is the post about cracked version of an app or something similar?


I just written about app features and how to download.


If the download link is pointing to their official site, there won’t be any problem since you must have written a post on official version of the app. If you believe that there is no violation you can email them to give explanation.

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Better fix the issue soon or take the content down, If they go for a dmca takedown or any other action you might get into trouble


The post is about Mod version of the App. Better take it down


This is because you have provided a mod apk of guns of boom which is developed by game insights.

Just remove the post Thats it.

I have received so many emails from game insight regarding this lol

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Okay. :neutral_face:


can i redirect to another post on my site?


Yes redirect it to homepage or a post not related to their games. Dont write about their games or they will keep sending you these emails


how would i know their games?


Go to play store search game insights, and all their games will be listed. If you are not even aware of that you should really not post mod apks and all.