Need Help! My Website Is Suddenly Disappeared From Google SERP


yes, just installed the SSL


Then you have done somr mistake. Have you checked other versions of the site? Maybe they are getting the traffic.


No changes to sitemap & robots.txt


No… i’m not using nulled plugins/theme
no blackhat seo done by me, getting 83% organic traffic


Sir, Where can i send link personally?


Please check your message. Thanks


Check you site using google search operator
if it seen then everything okey, you can try search for most popular pages.
for me, it seems your website traffic was due to a trend which is no-longer a trend. Check for your keyword in google trend . (rapidly increasing and decreasing curve)


Your site is showing fine in Google SERPs at my end.


Nulled themes and plugins are harmful ??


I know a good boy who has a lot of nulled plugins but it’s not malicious :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Dr. Abhijeet will give him the award.


My website was showing in first page in my keyword but from last 25 days, it went disappeared. I have seen in Google webmaster. There are no any manual action and dashboard not showing any errors. I write full name in search box and found only homepage is showing there but according to you, I type site:mywebsitename, Search engine shows all pages. I am confused, what happened. Have you any idea, what is possible reason?


While browsing your website, suddenly it shows error message.


Can you please share screenshot…


I hope you received the screenshot. Later on, I have deleted it as per request.


Really…??? i Don’t think so…


@GulshanKumar… Sir What do you think about this…?


Nope! It doesn’t seems hacked. Because there is no random redirect issue like that. I hope theme is original.


I think, you should monitor your website uptime to ensures host doesn’t go down often. Also, consider checking Google Search Console Crawl report.



I’m using original Theme and here is my Google Search Console Crawl report.