Need Help regarding advertisement


I want to advertise my website, But Most d networks accept only PayPal and credit card. but I don’t have PayPal or credit card. please mention any credit cart which accepts Indian payment from UPI, Wallets or debit card.


Try for colombia Ad network by Times of india group


Create an account on paypal and link your debit card its very easy to pay and get the payments, I am using this for my transactions


PayPal works fine with Debit card (except domestic card).


@DUGGU @GulshanKumar can you tell me which bank is best for International Transaction in india


I prefer SBI.


I also prefer
1st. State Bank of India (Score : 4.8/5)
2nd. Central Bank of India (Score : 4.7/5)


Which SBI Card are you using? I have also SBI Visa Card, but it won’t work.


mastercard platinum


Do you pay extra charge for the card?


I am using Kotak and HDFC and no problem till now. Their cards work everywhere. You can even use their temporary card feature which is very useful.


They have certain charges per year. Not any extra.


Annual meantinence charges for sbi debit cards are:

Classic Debit Card - 100/- plus service tax.
Silver/Global /Yuva /Gold Debit Card - 150/- plus service tax.
Platinum Debit Card - 200/- plus service tax
Pride/Premium Business Debit Card - 300/- plus service tax.

They charge one time issuance charges approx 300.