Need Help with node JS

Hey! I hope you all are awesome.

I have recently started working with Node Js.
I have also made a small bot that generates an image and posts it to Twitter. I want some help with automating it.

I have hosted it on Heroku and now I want it to run a command every day. I tried the scheduler, but it asks for a credit card. I don’t want to give my credit card. Any other way to do it.

I want to execute this command,

node index.js

I have made the code public on GitHub,

I don’t think You’ll be able to go too far with heroku without paying them.
I’d rather suggest hosting it along Your other applications on the VPS. about automation, You can use node-schedule or cron to set it to execute every 1 Day.

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Umm. I think I must go with vps. :thinking:

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