Need Review on Speed, Design & Ads


Dear Team ,

I have changed my website design . i am looking review about Design , Speed, Ad Placement , SEO Tips. Looking your valuable Comments

my website

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Is your yellow navigation menu supposed to be sticky? It is getting hidden under the wordpress admin bar.

With css, it can be fixed by moving it down a few pixels. But 2 sticky bars at the top can be a problem in phone.

(Personally not digging the yellow color but do not change if that is what you want).


Your footer has this copyright info for some other site.

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  1. You may like to remove this admin toolbar for the anonymous visitors
    // Hide admin bar for anonymous visitors
    add_action('after_setup_theme', 'remove_admin_bar');
    function remove_admin_bar() {
    if (!current_user_can('administrator') && !is_admin()) {
  1. Consider switching to HTTPS before Chrome start showing Not Secure in the browser. Ref: SEJ

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increased speed

how to install cloudflare ssl certificate ?


Please refer to Cloudflare Tutorial, this will help you in installing SSL.


Hi Gulshan,

added ssl in my site . thanks for the help.


Hello, very good step. SSL is indeed important now. It’s no more optional.


Dear @Manikandan_A-ve Hi!!!,

Consider the image…

No content on the first fold :hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed::hushed:
Some suggestions are:

  1. Put some content like one or two paragraphs on the first fold
  2. You make place categories and tags below the post, because you are already showing page navigation (sorry I don’t know the correct word for it) at the top of the post, so there is no need to display tags at the top
  3. You should remove share buttons and place them below the post, after reading if someone feel that the content is okay, reader may share (there is no logic to place share buttons at top)
  4. You may place one or/and two ad units at the right side bar (as you have good content) you may place one 300x250 (or 336x280) based on your theme width and then one 300x600.