Need Some Help With Expired Domain

I am thinking of starting a niche site for AdSense. I’ve some queries can someone help with it. I never buy an old domain before, and my experience, I can tell that it is a nightmare to rank a new domain for even a low volume keyword.

This time I’m going with the old domain method. I’ve two doubts:

  1. Should I use a 2004s domain with 13-14 backlinks or 2011 with around 134+ backlinks? Which factor affect domain authority age or backlinks? I use expireddomains.Net to find an expired domain which includes my keyword.

  2. Anyone uses an expired domain here? I’m very, very bad at off-page SEO. Can someone tell me how they make backlinks for there niche website? Don’t include the methods like guest posting (because for a niche which I choose, no one accepts the guest post. All people want their site to rank for the same keyword)

  1. You should look for the domain which is more related to what you’re going to do and the quality of the links. Domain age does not help much if it’s a domain with just a few backlinks.

Check the link profile properly, anchor texts used, history of the domain, if there’s any spamming or not, etc. before buying the domain.

  1. Usually, for niche websites, links are build using paid methods like niche edits, paid guest posts, and from link building services. So unless you have a big budget and/or a very big network, you’ll struggle for the links. And you will have to take care of a lot of things like link velocity, etc. to fight with others as niches like health, CBD, Casino, Adult, etc. are spammed with big players of the industry.

And why are using first letter caps? It creates confusion. Should only be used for titles.

Look Like I’ve to try paid Link building for Such niche.

Bad Habit :smile:

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Keyword in the domain does not work anymore.
134+ backlinks are very little you can make it by yourself.
expired domain comes with toxic backlinks too that will harm you more than doing good.

Right, But in some cases, keyword in domain works when you know how to write an article for a keyword without been caught by Google. For Example, Ranked for Backlink Building.
I think, 134+ Backlinks in Google according to my Niche Competition. I also analysed my competators website and there onpage and technical SEO is very very poor. There is a chance if I able to optimize my site for On-page and Technical SEO.

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I know Backlinko, it is a very very big site. I suggest you to be extra careful when you buy old domains.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I keep an eye on Domain Spam score

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