Need some Legal Suggestions

Hello everyone,

I am building a new multivendor site where people can sell old goods (More like Olx). I will be using Woocommerce for it.

Basically it will be operational in only first world countries like US. I need suggestions from you guys about-

  1. Should I make it like super admin will have 0% commission since I cannot be accountable for shipping and quality checks?

  2. If I will not take commissions behind each sale, what can be a good source of revenue?

Note that there will be not much listings daily (Not because of traffic but because of the product type)

Also will I need to be register as a business in those countries ( or atleast in US and Canada if I just want to operate there )

All the suggestions and insights are welcomed :slight_smile:

Note: There are rare chances of product being in poor condition. Though product not reaching to the customer due to vendor’s intention or customer-vendor disputes can be problematic.

Currently, I am planning to have something like, people just submit their product details through Email to the admin, admin himself reviews it and then add product. (Since not much listings are going to be there so again not too time consuming)

If the product get sold, admin holds the payment till it get delivers to the customer and after green signal from customer, releases payment to vendor.

Lemme know your thoughts.

If I was a buyer/seller having a third party involved in the payment procedure will definitely made me uncomfortable.

But again, these are just my thoughts.


Use ads like OLX does… promote paid listings! Or Ads.

There are not a lot of ways to monetize this I think. If the products worth is around a few thousand dollars then just take a small percentage as your commission.

Anyone can pay around 1%… example, $50 commission on $5000 is good!! You can charge more than this if you are creating some exclusive platform.

And if you’re taking payments from users, you will have to use Escrow probably. You cannot put that money in your bank or in PayPal.

Also, email will create more friction in the process… Try putting a simple form for users to fill out or something similar.


I think, it’s not a good idea. Just create a form on website itself that includes following things (not limited to) :

  1. Vendor Details (Name, Email, Phone number)
  2. Product details (Product Name, Product Type, Product Images or Videos, Specifications)
  3. Payment(Let vendor select how he want to get paid)
  4. Some tick boxes of consent and all.

I think this is enough

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