Need some suggestion regarding my New Idea


Previous year, I learn to make blogger and wordpress template and serve many client on fiverr.
I don’t want to work for anyone. I want to make passive income by selling my own blogger and wordpress template.
I can make any type of template that can possible. Blogger themes which can fully customizable using dashboard only.
I want to know what are some feature of a template you look for before you buy it?


The one main option that most people want is a feature which allows editing without coding. I mean the more customizable options, the more better it is. I think this also is reason for generatepress :slight_smile:


Apart from what @BLOGGING_SURGEON mentioned, I want these for WP:

  • Well structured
  • Insanely fast
  • Functionalities which reduces usage of plugins (lazyloads and all)


:hushed: Wow feeling design.

@Ajay_Malik: Can you share your portfolio of designed theme?


Seo friendly
Speed optimized


I am working on it. Getting ideas from various sources to make it best premium blogger template


Yes, You are right @BLOGGING_SURGEON…I am using GeneratePress, it is very easy to customize even if you don’t know coding…


Adequate number of widget areas for adsense code in various locations in the page. I think genesis is famous for this reason because of their hooks.


Genesis is the most hyped and overrated theme in the WordPress community.

Because they started in the early days, and during that time we did not have any good lightweight themes.

People from that time used it and liked it, became a fan, and started recommending it.

They are still recommending Genesis in 2019, very shocking :me_irl:

SEO friendless is the most misleading feature in Genesis. Every Genesis user says it is SEO friendly when they are using Yoest SEO, why don’t they use the inbuilt SEO feature?

You will bust your ass to charge logo and menu navigation position in Genesis.

GeneratePress and Astra are way better than Genesis.


Here my unfinished blogger template.

It is highly customizable. (Mobile version isn’t available yet, I think something different for that)
width of content and sidebar can be changed directly from dashboard.
everything can be directly changed through dashboard. Even whole theme color and font can be changed directly from dashboard.
Also, I am making sure this theme is going to be fastest blogger theme ever built .
Please provide me suggestion


Man! This is some really fine work, I loved it :heart_eyes:

My two cents of advice would be, don’t use box-shadow on link hover instead use color change property, that’s just my personal preference.

However, keep up the good work, looking forward to the mobile version launch.


Some good work right there!

I’d recommend you to address the header. The theme is being promoted as SEO friendly, so it should not push the content below fold. It would get even worse if there is an ad.


Looks very nice.

A couple of suggestions. Header is too big and content gets pushed below the fold.



Well, I AM TRYING To make different variant of same theme, such as sticky header and small header. Even on this version I am trying to push first paragraph of content in above the fold viewport.
@Wands_Blog @Abhijeet
Thanks for your advice, I am thinking something way different than text shadow and color change. People gonna love it


are you trying to make GeneratePress of Blogger platform?


No, I am just trying to make a template which is great in all aspect and first to be in my theme store


I love it to be SEO friendly, which I shouldn’t worry about at all, also customization with colors of my choice…


How about this level of customization


You are doing great work sir!
Keep up.

I was just like you a couple years ago.
I read HTML, CSS books like people read novels, just to release my first theme before my birthday xD
But sadly it never happened :frowning:

But as a piece of advice, do watch out for promotion stuff. Make sure you promote it.
If possible create a free version first. If people gonna like it, they wanna buy it.

Personally, I would have gone with Theme forest or other big players, to just touch the surface of this deep business ocean.

Anyways, GLWS (Good luck with sales) :+1:


@Ajay_Malik You have did just awesome work. I have seen and worked with atleast 30+ Blogspot templates and this is best from all of them.

Keep up the Good work man :slight_smile: