Need Some Suggestions

I hope all of the guys are good and Staying at Home.

I am starting a new project but I need a suggestion of yours.

  1. Will take one domain, suppose and make subdomains for each niche. Like technology:-, Food:-

  2. Will create every niche in different domains. Like for a separated domain for tech and food also many others.

Can anyone tell me which is best and Why? Please Explain :slightly_smiling_face:

Both ideas are not good.

For first one: You won’t be able rank well, because it’s a new site and that thing work for authority sites.

Second one: Don’t go for it until you have a team. Just start one blog write good content and rank well get good traffic and then focus on another. Or you can hire writers.

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What would be best for branding?

If I create site one by one and rank them, so it will make an authority site?

What is best for the long run and has a bright future?

I have a few suggestion in this case.
Go for a domain like:-
1)Sprucepets, spruceeats,sprucehomes etc.
Have a brand name that is common for example:-
Lovelypets, lovelyeats etc.
2) Building site one by one alone could take a lot of time. Its is better to have a team or hiring writers.
3) Make sure you maintain high quality content and build a brand name overtime.


Do you have enough time and writers to write? Alone would be difficult to maintain such site unless you have army of writers.

Authority site is considered based on the number of links, and then traffic. Usually because of all the links, big sites have good traffic but it’s not required.

And if you find low competitive keywords, rank your site, it will not be an authority site unless you give the site about 5 years.

If you focus is to earn from your site and for long term, go with 2nd option but focus on one niche only.

Instead of subdomain you must go for sub directory because many studies shows that sub directory are good for SEO.
Google didn’t take sub-directory as a new domain and you will get benefit from pre established domain authority.
Yes, it a brilliant idea to use different domain/subdirectory for different topics I have seen this on many top website and it works

Bad idea.



Build one website first. Try to rank it(hard in 2020).

You will face problems as there are topics already covered in your niche. If you have a new niche make sure people are searching for it. Competition is good as it shows that you can rank your website too.

Don’t believe in marketers who say they have earned thousands of dollars only blogging.
Blogging is not as easy as it was in 2006-2017. The secret to it is nothing. Think about it as a 9-5 job. You have to build backlinks and generate content. No rest for the first 8-9 months.

Since your website will be new, you would have to generate 10 times more content(need more people, maybe 3-4) than the other existing websites in your niche to rank it well and gain some domain score.

I am a blogger since 2014 and I am seeing a readership drop in almost all of my websites. People are generating more content, lengthy content, building thousands of backlinks to outrank my websites.

Key Takeaways:
Build One Website First.
Rank It.
If you have success then build more websites and at a pace.

Success Mantra:
Be Consistent
Generate Quality Content of every length (short to long)
Research your keywords
Build backlinks - tons of them
Update old content - every 8 months technologies/lifestyle/fashion change


I support 2nd idea, Unique niche, Unique domain.

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I totally disagree with some of your points.
1)There are cracks in every niche. No niche except food, finance and fitness is that tough as you say.
2) You can still make 1000’s of $ blogging in 2020. i started one of my website on feb 2019 and today is the end of march. I have made over 1000$ on same this month! Dispite revenue drop due to lockdown stuff.
3)I have less than 150 posts in the site. I.e 1 post for ever 2-3 days. However i have made the posts really good woth info, data tables, pictures, infographics, etc. All alone!
4) I have not seen any decrease in my readership on my old site that is around 5 years old now. It continues to grow even today!
5)The best part is I never build backlinks. It came naturally. Make good content people will link to you. Simple as it is!

The more complicated you make things the more complicated it is going to be. Plus a bonus tip. Stop following internet marketers. Follow your experience and learning to success!
Here is a graph of my new site.


Mainak is clearly talking about Food and Technology so my suggestion is based on those two niches .

Apart from that, I am not here to argue or disagree with anyone. I shared my thoughts, you are free to share yours. Please just don’t include me or reply to me.

I know that there are cracks. But those cracks does not exist for Food, Medical, Fitness, Fashion, and Finance. You can name your niche if you want to.

Backlinks do not come naturally to spike the traffic up to 200K visitors in these niches. These are the lies told by bloggers to beginners. Especially for 2020.

Your screenshot is of the AN YEAR OLD website. Show us something which is new in 2020 in the niches asked by Mainak.

The rest of them can be handled very easily.


Yup. I can agree that its little tough when it comes to food and technology.
There are still cracks in these niches if you go beyond recipies and tech news.
For example:-
Can we eat banana after workout
Can we eat apple on empty stomach and much more.
These are evergreen topics and you can still make it.

Same applies for tech niches(however you need to update the content):-
How to move pictures from google drive to google photo or viceversa
How to tell if your phone is encrypted.
Etc etc etc.
However going for sites like this we have to be keep updating as technology and trend changes.
Still there are evergreen topics to go after if you can find the cracks!

By the way that is a website in pet niches.
The same principal works todays as well.
You cannot make a website today and get links tommorow. Natural backlinks takes time.
Thats a website i got backlink from wikihow on last week! And yes that was a natural link!

I still ask every beginner to take these things seriously if your niches are in heavy competition.

Try not to find cracks as you are a beginner. It takes at least 24 months to get hold of getting things right like finding keywords, writing content, ranking a site and building its authority in competitive niches in 2020.

Bloggers like me who are blogging over 5 years can give you some advice to not make things complicated. But let me tell you this, those bloggers never tell you how was their websites when they started blogging.

I have both types of websites - the ones which were easy to rank because there were not many people searching for that type of content but still it made me quite a good money because I am not a beginner and the other ones which had heavy competition (example- decor) and it made me even more money BUT it took time to rank it than earn from it.

I never use Adsense by the way. Solar Energy niche will boom. It is easy to rank. The cracks are easy to find. There is not too much content on Solar Energy. You MAY NOT need to build lots of backlinks.


Portable solar power and backup system is a great niche to be in today!
Especially for tier 1 audience

Personally, I don’t like shitty content like Can you burn Plastic garbage in open?
Does the color of your walls affect the lighting? You will just write anything to get traffic. The content will be boring and not worth your time.

I mean when I blog, I produce content that gives some value to the reader and I feel good about it. I never liked this kind of content as I don’t feel like I am giving my best to earn the money I am earning.

I feel like what I am doing? Is this really how I am making money by writing headlines and content which is literally about anything? What I should be telling myself? that you are a blogger who makes money by clickbait. Are you really doing something of worth to you? and more questions pop up.

I have never written OR have asked anyone to write this type of content. The content gets boring because it is made up. Some of it even does not exist. Bloggers do this to get traffic. To get people to click for their websites.

Few examples-
Do this to clean your microwave
Do you know that microwaves can slow down Wi-Fi?
I just cleaned my 4 months old dirty microwave. Here are the key takeaways.

Example Photo

I laugh when I see these headings. I will never feel my blogging life is worth it if I started producing this type of content.

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I just share my knowledge, Website’s like softonic, tomsguide using this methord to rank there pages. My point is backed by facts

These websites have over 100 million monthly organic traffic and millions of links. You cannot compare to them in any case or fact. SEO is completely different for them.

Yes!. Those websites are not blogs. They have teams for their SEO. Not like us bloggers who handle things alone.

Are you kidding me?
Really. You’re comparing those giant websites with plethora of links with this case.