Need Some Urgent Help

Hello everyone.

Today when I check my spam folder I had received this strange email from a Chinese domain name registrar who registers domain names for others in China, they said there was a company in china who wanted to register a domain with the keyword of my domain name but upon them checking they found out it conflicts with mine so they are asking me whether I am their partner or distributor or something.

My question is, I am not and this is my personal blog that I have for almost 3 years now, and have worked hard on it, am I at risk of losing my domain if I do not reply to them? or should I reply to them?

Just ignore

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Thank you, it really stressed me out. i can’t afford to lose my domain name. This is the first time i received such email and i am clueless.

Even i got the same couple of years back. It’s spam.

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I really appreciate your reply :pray:

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He will at last ask you to pay 1100+$ for buying domain name and registration of brand.
Just move on!

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So as @Arshi said, I should just ignore them? I am not paying them anything.

Yup…forget about them!

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Thank you for your help :pray: