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I have two blog but I dont update/write anything on it. Since last year I have stopped eveerything about blogging because of my primary job. I am super busy with my job and dont get much time for blogging.

My first blog is technical and now I am not interested in writing tech stuff because I did not get much success in driving traffic. For this blog I also wanted to change the niche because of tough compitition in current niche.

My second blog is about entertainment where I got little success about driving traffic(compared to previous one)

How can I change the niche of first blog as I already have 150 post?
I want to delete my second blog, should I delete it?
Is there any chances to sell the blog?

Currently I am super busy because I want to switch my company so I am working on it. Once I got job I will again start working with blogging.


Please keep your blog live. :blush:

I do often visit for one query, how to split MySQL database. Thanks to that tool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for your suggestion.:blush:


You’re welcome!


A1: Decide your second niche and find a common link between both, your current niche and new niche. For instance, if you want to go for “Make Money Online” or “Finance” niche, you can start create a new category and write articles like -

  • 10 Best Android Apps for Simplified Money Management
  • Top 10 Websites That Pay You to Watch Videos

Keep updating posts in your new category and see how it performs. If it performs well, you can easily swicth the complete focus to it.

For existing articles, do SEO audit and see what pages are ranking and which are “dead”. Delete the dead pages and re-update the ones which have some backlinks and/or are ranking on Google.

Read this awesome guide for more -

A2: You’ve already paid for the domain and hosting so why to delete it? Try to either sell it for whatever money or handover to someone else who could use it and maybe ask for some % of profit (10-20%)

A3: Yes. If there are a good number of articles and the opportunity to grow, many people would want to buy it. Last year, I sold one of my “almost” dead sites for $400 as I didn’t want to continue managing it.

The site was earning around $1-$10/month but there were good quality contents so the buyer was happy to pay $400 for it. Try Flippa or directly list on this forum’s marketplace.

Good luck :grinning:


Thanks a lot @Shafi for detailed explanation.