Need Suggestion regarding Monetization

Can someone suggest any display advertisement network same as adsense without annoying user it can serve great ads.
I couldn’t able to verify my adsense account address and I already reached payment threshold but look like that money goes in trash because no PIN verification mail come even after 1 year, it still showing 3 Attemps Remaining, Adsense Support not exist in this world I think. All Adsense support link reaches to a dead end without any solution.
I finally take decision to change advertiser, Can someone recommend any better monetization method?


Ezoic, mediavine adthrive, newor, monumetric.

What is the process and requirements to get accepted in the Ezoic Platform?

Relevant content and at least 10K session in each month.
Must have a good relationship with major ad networks.

Isn’t ezoic slow website?

Yes it dies slow your website down. However if you have good host and a relatively fast and unbloated website you can get away with it.

But if your website is already slow without ads in it, stay away from them.

You can delay their ad script to speed up the website a little bit. Hope that helps.

I have newor access, but not sure whether should I go for monumetric or newor? I removed ezoic as it messed up my website

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