Need Suggestion Regarding my Product

From Last month, I am working on my own wordpress theme, It take me one month to learn wordpress theme development. I make theme and add many customisation features in it same as generatepress and astra. Also some features which I think these premium theme don’t provide. If someone want to try its beta version please reach out to me. you can help me make a perfect wordpress theme.
here’s a demo: (Only Ajax Loading feature is enabled, user can add or remove feature according to there need)


Looks Promising!!!


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If i have to straight forward I would say it is just another wordpress theme as there are 1000+ theme with similar functionality. What is the factor that makes it different? I am not an expert but i can give you a few tips. It would be easy to stand out of the crowd if you focus on one particular aspect. Say i want a theme that is customisable, i would definitely go for divi or foodica or similar theme…if you want simple easy fast theme you can go for generatepress, astra, ocean wp then what can you do to make the theme simple, fast and better than others.
I would suggest:-
1)Making a fast theme, not so customisable but stupid fast. Implement new tech into the build like instant pages, schema etc. Adding more and more customisation makes the theme bloated and slows it down.
2)Some plugin features like auto implementing last modified date into post, or old post date remover etc built into the theme can reduce the use of plugin and make the site faster.
3) simple setup:- most themes can be a pain to setup. For example although studiopress themes are awesome but it can be a pain to setup. So having a good easy to setup theme is really important.
4) Social media features like pin it, tweet now etc could be a great addition too. Although user must have the option to toggle off and on in these features.

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Thanks for your feedback, I am mainly focus on speed and giving option to remove many inbuilt library in one click library such as jquery, fontawesome, google font, jquery migrate, block library,

Also, I like your idea of modified date, I will try to give user freedom for this feature so they can decide weather they want to show published date or modified date

for inbuilt schema, I am learning to add custom field in posts once I learned it successfully, user don’t need any external plugin for SEO

I just want to get some benefit in starting out of this million dollar industry, with time I will make this theme fastest feature ready wordpress theme ever

Thanks for your feedback!



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You did a really great job, man.

Can you please provide its beta version? I will test it and share feedback and changes you should make.

All these tips will definitely work to stand out…

Did it really take one month to learn WordPress theme development? Surprised…

I am already in advance level in Html, Css, Js and PHP so it only take one month to learn WordPress theme development. But it a newbie want to learn he need to learn above language first. I am newbie in development yet learning WordPress API currently.
I will message you theme just making some changes

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Yes, That’s why you managed to learn it in ONE MONTH.
I am a newbie, Know HTML and very basic CSS. Learning CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP and some other too…

I also want to develop my own themes and plugins…

Please send me the theme when all changes done…

I will test and share feedback with some changes that I didn’t get in GeneratePress(BTW, I’m using GP).

Can you tell me one thing, how you learnt all these languages, by any course or online yourself?

Can I get your Beta Version for Testing?

No Online Course, Just by experience and curiosity. I learn HTML and CSS when I try to make my blogger blog seo friendly and with time I move to js and PHP. However Use very low amount of JS in my work because it increases website loading time. Even in this theme all above the head components are made up of pure css even mobile menu

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Great, I am also learning online by myself using W3School and other platforms…

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Let me know once this theme is available :grin:
Would love to test it though :sweat_smile:

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