Need suggestion related banking

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Any bank in India which has 24*7 customer care and doesn’t ask visiting Branch for small queries?


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You may chose ICICI Bank. It is quite good.

Somewhat better experience than SBI but at the end it has also similar experience.

Trying to call cs and it doesn’t reach at all.


I use kotak bank and i am satisfied with it.
They have mail service as well as customer care.
Also you can get a personal account manager if you have good transaction and relationship with them.

Do they have 24*7 customer care?

No. Kotak doesn’t provide 24/7

Try ICICI Bank and HDFC they provide 24/7

Not 24/7 but good on working days.

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Using ICICI bank services. Not so flexible experience. They have absurd charges as well. If Card decline X time in a day, need to pay penalty for the X time.

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This is coming from a long term banking user, I’ve had experience with almost all the Major banks:

  5. SBI
  11. DBS DigiBank (I wrote it’s review first but somehow forgot adding it to the list)

A very good, zero balance bank account with reliable 24x7 support is DBS. They simply don’t have many physical branches so online support is one of the features they offer. The downside is that they don’t have chequebook due to them being 100% paperless.

Second Option will simply be Kotak bank, they have 24x7 hotline for emergency services (card hotlisting, reporting fraud etc.) And it comes with the advantage of getting international payments as most of us doing online business may need.

Third will be indusind bank which have a few of their branches open with limited staff 365 days a year. They will always have a representative in bank available to do basic tasks such as cash deposit/withdrawals and taking complaints regarding banking. One downside is that they are very incompetent and outright lazy. They make a lot of false commitments on customer care, in branch and while onboarding new customer.

Don’t go for Axis Bank or ICICI bank as they don’t have 24x7 support. They can take their service request through online channels 24x7 but it would only be honoured the next working day.

SBI is the plain 'ol govt. PSU and it sucks.

Paytm bank is another great digital bank with 24x7 support but they lack basic features like visa/mastercard (only offering rupay but may announce visa as they’re in talks) they don’t have chequebook even after 2 years of account opening.

Other PSU banks mentioned don’t offer any support online, You’ll have to visit branch in working hours to get your queries addressed however, I have good terms with our branch executives so they offer us some advantages over others on a personal level.


For ICICI I would like to tell you that since 2014 after opening my account with them I have never visited that branch. Visited Just once for submitting some documents.

My branch is in chennai, mylapore

Thanks for the detailed insight. I want a banking system which has flawless International card online payment and less to no visit to Branch. I’ll research about suggested options.

I’ll suggest go for kotak 811. You’ll be amazed to know how much that zero balance account has to offer.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t have branch where I live.
Do they allow online-account-opening with full features?
I’ll talk to CS to understand.

Yes, they allow account opening online. They will assign an agent for KYC if they don’t have a branch nearby.

Unless full KYC is done, The account will be limited to ₹1,99,999 worth of transaction and will only be valid for 1 year.

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ICICI Bank is good one for online banking transaction. You can manage personal accounts as well as business accounts with more features.

Also there offers are going good with credit cards. You can also get cashback on online purchase with amazon and other shopping website.

You can also manage your demat account, insurance, foreign currency account and many more in ICICI.

Use Multiple Services in Single Bank.

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I know a bank which mostly unknown to all, DBS by DigiBank (Development Bank of Singapore). Check once if it can fill what you do need @GulshanKumar

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I have a basic saving account with kotak.
The card works flawless with any international transaction. Even where credit card is a must, it works. You can also pay for subscription service with their card.
It offers all other facilities via mobile banking.
So i never had an issue.
Even when I travel to other countries I can transact as pin comes to my email as well. So OTP is not mandatory. For mobile banking also it is convinient.
No charges for XYZ as icici and hdfc does.(I previously had an account there)
So far i found this amazing!

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So what you decided @GulshanKumar

Let us know?