Need Tax Deduction information from Adsense and Paypal


I need Need Tax Deduction information from Adsense and Paypal.

If you have received payment from Adsense and Paypal.

What is the percent of tax deducted from Adsense and Paypal

To calculate tax If I am received 100rs and 18% of tax deducted means I received 82rs.

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Sorry! I really don’t know anything about it. So, I would suggest hiring CA for it.

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Don’t worry about the taxes
If you are an employee in any company then after filling the TDS, you may fill the ITR
or if you not an employee in any company still you can fill the ITR
In case of ITR
Give your last financial year bank statement to the CA and he will tell you how much you have to till, if you are not register under the GST, you can simple fill the tax while filling the ITR.
It’s very easy just mention the extra income (receiving from AdSense or Paypal) and deduct the TAX.
I am doing this since last 3 years .
Further guidance needed my contact number (WhatsApp) can be found here :

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