Need Urgent Help on Adsense account


Hi friends,
I got a notification on my Adsense account that “Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment”. But, on clicking the Verify Now button, it says the following:

“You don’t have permission to perform this action. Please contact payments admins or payments full users on payments settings users & contacts page to perform this action”.

Can someone guide me on how to do the verification?

Thanks in advance.



May be that AdSense account is recently created and require address verification by postcard method for the first time.

Only account admin can perform that action.

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Indian Publishers can also complete Address Verification using Aadhaar Card/Number.

Dear @vrimee, What kind of Verification your accounts requires? Is it Address or some banking related?

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Gaurav Singh


ID verification. I found the issue. I logged on to my AdSense using another email (not the primary contact). That’s why it did not allow me to upload the documents before. Now, I have uploaded them.

Thanks for the support.