Need Your Review About Ezoic

Hey Everyone,

I am using CyberMedia.

Who are they?

They are Google Certified partner, they checks your website and helps you to earn more money from AdSense.

They send recommendation about where to place ads on your website and in return they charge you around 8% of your Adsense monthly earning.

They won’t give you any extra code nor they will have your website access.

The worst thing about them is they never send the recommendation of ads on time. We need to ask them again and again.

They are charging 8% which is really a lot.

Now, Ezoic Sent me an email about they want me to switch to Ezoic instead of CyberMedia.

If you have ever used Ezoic I want to know how is that platform.

P.S: I have seen 30% increase in my Adsense earning after joining CyberMedia. Ezoic told me they will increase my revenue by up to 60%.

What are your thoughts?

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